Hotel NAVI – Shabla

Hotel “Navi” is located 100m from the endless sandy beaches of the camping “Dobrudja” near Shabla, close to the two lakes’ nature reserves – Shabla Tuzla and Shabla Lake.

The hotel was renovated in 2011 and in 2022 there was built a completely new building. The rooms are tastefully furnished and fully equipped.

Hotel “Navi” has its own restaurant with a large outdoor terrace.

The hotel’s well-kept garden, which houses various play facilities, is attractive for tourists with children.

About Shabla

Shabla ( and the region are distinguished by the preserved beauty of wild nature. Here is one of the longest beaches on the Black Sea. The beaches in the municipality are about 22% of all the beaches on the Bulgarian coast, and their fine sand distinguishes those around the campsite.

Camping Dobrudja is also attractive for its proximity to Shabla Lake, a favourite of fishermen, and Shabla Tuzla, a favourite of ornithologists, also known for its healing mud.

Just a few kilometres from Hotel “Navi” is the oldest lighthouse on the Black Sea. It is located on Cape Shabla – /the easternmost point of Bulgaria/, south of which begin the rocky shores of Tyulenovo and Kamen Bryag.

Tyulenovo Village – The rock arch and the rocky coast of the village are among the most remarkable natural beauties of the northern parts of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Yaila – is a national archaeological reserve. It is located 2 km south of the village of Kamen Bryag.

Durankulak Lake is a protected area inhabited by many rare biological species and an archaeological park.